Internal Remittance Of Global Treasure Bank

Global Treasure Bank can transfer money from not only GTB's branch to branch but also other banks' branches such as MOB Bank, CB Bank, SMIDB Bank, MWD Bank, NSB Bank, CHDB Bank, RDB Bank,AGD Bank, UAB Bank and YCB Bank.Our Bank transfers the money within a few minutes.


Foreign Remittance Of Global Treasure Bank

As Foreign Remittance, the customers can easily take the remittance money from the nearest GTB's branches by using "Western Union" which gives the service of remittance to over 200 foreign countries.

Domestic Remittance Of Global Treasure Bank

Domestic remittance services can be done not only areas of the GTB branches but also remittance benefit sharing partnership banks such as MOB Banh CB Bank, SMIDB Bank, MWD Bank, RDB Banh AGD Bank, UAB Bank, YCB Bank accordingly. Overseas remittance services is providing with 200 countries through Western Union. Inwards remittance can be withdrawn at nearby GTB branches in a minute.

Domestic Money Transfer Service

The bank is recognized as one of the leading banks in domestic banking services with a current network of 156 branches which is a great opportunity for remittance. In 2017-2018 financial year, the bank provided remittance services as follows:

Volume of remittance 7.62 Trillion Kyats
Income from Remittance 5.66 Billion Kyats