Share Capital of the Bank

The Authorized Share Capital of the Bank is 70 Billion kyats, Divided into 140,000 shares of 500,000 kyats each.
A person or an institution can purchase 5% of the authorized capital and a shareholder holding minimum 600 shares at the value of kyats three hundred million and above is entitled for nomination as a member of BODS of the bank.Total numberof 104,354 Shares of valued at kyats 52.177 billion were fully issued to th public and fully paid up on 31 March 2017.

Bank Employment

Number of Bank staff was 104 + on 31th March 1997 and has now increased to 2484 + numbers in head office and 123 branches.

Domestic Banking Network

Number of domestic banks was only 4 branches in 1998-1999 and now has increased to 123 branches including 114 full branches and 9 mini branches across the country. During the coming financial year of 2016-2017, the total number of bank branches will be increased to 150 branches. .

Bank Interest Rate

The rates of interests of the bank are changed in compliance with CBM guidelines as follows :

(c) Super saving Deposit Interest Rate
From 10,00 Kyats to 30 Million
Kyats 30 Million above to Kyats 100 Million
Kyats 100 Million above

8.50% per year
8.60% per year
8.75% per year
(b) Fixed Deposit Interest Rate
3 Months
6 Months
9 Months
12 Months

(c) Call Deposit Interest Rate
Kyats 10,000 to kyats 10 Million
Kyats 10 Million above
(Daily Interest rate per year will be applied based on per year in call deposit )

4% per year
6% per year

(d) Loan Interest Rate
Loan Interest
Over Draft (One year term)
Industrial and Project loan

12% per year
12% per year
12% per year