Loan & Overdraft Of Global Treasure Bank

For loans services, type of loans and collaterals are as follows. Loans interest 13%. Interest will be collected by every 3 months.

  • Loans

  • Overdraft

  • Government StaffLoan


Global Treasure Bank is lending money to the public service personnel. As part of issuing government staff loan, GTB has been offering door to door service to the teachers from the Basic Education Department under the Ministry of Education to ensure their social welfare and to enable them to perform their duties happily, free from worry. A total of (149) bank branches across the country have already granted loans to government staff numbering (90,777) amount to Kyats 68,740,171,800 ' until today.

Loans & overdraft need to pay collaterals

  • lands & building

  • guarantee

  • gold

  • pledge

Hire Purchase Of Global Treasure Bank

For hired purchase, borrower shall pay down payment of 30 % of value and one year interest amount at the beginning of borrowing to the bank. Remaining 70% are divided 12 months to 60 months and pay by installment on the latest on fifth of every month. Interest rate for hire purchase are as follows;

  • Rental fees for 1 year 13% & service charges 1%

  • Rental fees for 2 year 13% & service charges 2%

  • Rental fees for 3 year 13% & service charges 3%