The bank was incorporated on 15th February 1996 as Myanmar Livestock and Fisheries Development Bank. The bank changed its name to Global Treasure Bank (Public Company Limited) on 1st July 2013, with the permission of the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, Directorate of Investment & Company Administration with its letter No.Yaka-8 (Gange) 001/2013 (010995) dated 27-8-2013.

Type of Bank

Global Treasure Bank (Public Company Limited) is a Commercial Bank, licensed by Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) to operate the following business;

(a) Receiving various kind of deposits business;
(b) Business of paying and collecting cash for cheques drawn by or paid in by person;
(c) Providing credit facilities such as term loans, overdrafts, letter of credits, bank guarantees, trade financing and
(d) Such other banking business as prescribed and approved by CBM under section 52 of Financial Institutions Law 2016.


Central Bank of Myanmar granted domestic banking license Mababa/ P-15 (2) 96, dated 15th February 1996. Money Changer License was granted on 24th October 2011 and Authorized Dealer License no. CBM-FEMD-94/ 2012 was granted on 24th August 2012 to operate foreign banking services. Under section 176 of 2016 Financial Institution Law, CBM granted commercial banking business license No. Ma Ba Ba/ Pa Ba (R)-22/08/2016 on 18th August 2016.

Financial Status

Global Treasure Bank has an authorized capital of 35 billion Kyats divided into 70,000 shares per 500,000 Kyats, and all shares were already issued to the public in July 2012. In 2013, authorized capital was increased to 70 billion Kyats granted by Central Bank of Myanmar, of which 52.17 billion Kyats were fully issued to the public during 2015-2016.