Anti - Money Laundering and Counting the Financing of Terrorist (AML/CFT)

GTB Bank takes responsibility for strict compliance to the Anti-Money Laundering Law of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, United Nations International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism 1997, International Standards on Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism and Proliferation, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) 40 recommendations and Working Guidelines and Instructions of Central Bank of Myanmar and Ministry of Home Affairs.GTB apponted By.Managing Director as Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and sets AML Compliance Team led by Deputy Managing Director, and all Heads of Branches are appointed as Compliance Officers. They have to report Cash Transaction Report (CTR) and Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) by online reporting system in time.

Financial Credibility Of Global Treasure Bank

The following financial rations and norms of GTB Bank's financial status as at the end of financial year 2017-2018 presents the consolidated financial position-

(1 U$=1,335 Kyats as at 31.3.2018)
Total Assets 762.1 bn Kyats (570.86 mil USD)
Total Deposits 599.6 bn Kyats (449.13 mil USD)
Total Loans 403 bn Kyats (301.87 mil USD)
Equity 91.91 bn Kyats (68.84 mil USD)
Total Income 70.6 bn Kyats ( 52.88 mil USD)
Net Profit 9.8 bn Kyats (73.4 mil USD)
Divided Paid out 6 percent per share
Loan to Deposit Ratio 67.22%
Capital Adequacy Ratio 13.5%
Liquidity Ratio 36.02%
NPL ratio 35.31%
Deposit to share Ratio 11.5 times

Bank Loan By Sectors

The bank plays a significant role in providing bank loans and financial assistance to most customers from fisheries,livestock, industrial, trade, transport, construction, services sectors and other sectors. GTB disbursed 403 billion Kyats as development loans to 27,721 clients at 13% interest rate in 2017-2018 financial year. The disbursements of bank loans by sectors are as follows:

As of (31.3.2018) GTB is extended loans to (27,721)customers at the value of 403 billion kyats to the following sectors.

(a) Livestock and Fisheries 142.49 bn Kyats 35.35%
(b) Industries 0.34 bn Kyats 0.09%
(c) Trade 104.87 bn Kyats 26.02%
(d) Transport 20.35 bn Kyats 5.05%
(e) Construction 18.51 bn Kyats 4.59%
(f) Services 39.27 bn Kyats 9.74%
(g) Others 77.23 bn Kyats 19.16%
Total 403.06 bn Kyats 100%