Saving Deposit

The customers who are already 18 can open saving deposit account by themselves. The customers must bring NRC card to open account.Our bank open the saving account with the initial deposit 10,000 kyats. But the customers cannot open the account with P.O (or) Cheque.Individual (or) Company (or) Associations can also open the account. To deposit (or) withdraw the money, the customers need to bring the book.They can deposit the money with the cheque (or) cash.We let the customers to withdraw the money once a week and the minimum balance must be 10,000 ks.Customers can withdraw the money by themselves (or) their representatives. We calculate the interest with 8.5 %.Customers can close the account after 3 months.If wants to close the account, the account holder must come to the bank.

The saving interest rates are

Saving Interest Rate 8.25%

Current Deposit

Current deposit account can be opened with initial amount of 1,ooo Kyats and more of thousand Kyats can be put up frequently. Current accounts can be opened individually, joint account with two or more persons, company account, organization account etc. Withdraws and deposits are not limited by using cheque book.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is the kind of deposit that customers can deposit/withdraw within fixed durations such as 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months according to their wish.If the customers want to deposit after maturity withdrawal, they don't need to register again.Also customers can keep the registered book in hand if they do not want to make further operations.Can continue the previous book if customers want to deposit/withdraw again.And then the customers can deposit again after maturity which the duration is the same (or) different, they can use the previous book .

The current interest rates are

(A) 3 months interest rate is 9.25%
(B) 6 months interest rate is 9.50%
(C) 9 months interest rate is 9.75%
(D) 12 months interest rate is 10.0% respectively.

Call Deposit

Call Deposit can be opened by companies, associations, individual, joint (or) more than two. Call Deposit can be opened with initial amount 10000 ks and the minimum balance must be 10000 ks. And then one time deposit must be at least 10000 ks.

The current interest rate is 2%.

But our bank don't give the interest below 10000 ks.The customers can withdraw money by themselves (or) their representatives.However, today deposit money can be withdrawn next day.If the customers want to deposit/withdraw with online, they must pay commission charges and fees like remittance charges.

Minor Deposit

The customers who want to open Minor Deposit Account can be opened with their parents (or) guardians. Bring your NRC card when account opens.When the customers turn (18) years old, the bank takes back the minor's signature and open Individual Account.

Certified Cheque

Bank fee will be charged 5 pyas per 1oo Kyats up to 1,000 Kyats (minimum) and 5,000 Kyats (maximum).

Payment Order

Bank fee will be charged 5 pyas per 100 Kyats up to 1,000 Kyats (minimum) and 5,000 Kyats (maximum).

Performance Guarantee

Commission fees will be charged on guarantee amount.