Global Treasure Bank was founded as a public company limited by shares on 15-2-1996 under License Number Mababa/P-15 (2) 96 of the Central Bank of Myanmar by the initial name of Myanma Livestock and Fisheries Development Bank (MLFDB), pursuant to the law of the Financial Institutions of Myanmar.

The New name Global Treasure Bank(GTB) was changed from MLFDB on 1-7-2013, permission of the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration with its letter No. Yaka-8 (Ga Nga) 001/2013(010995) dated 27-8-2013.

In conducting banking business services smoothly and efficiently, Global Treasure Bank(GTB) deposit amount has increased with public interest and trust. The Bank expanded concrete loans by integrating cash deposit management to Livestock and Fisheries, Industrial, Trade, Construction, Services Sectors which support the comprehensive economic development and also provided assistance to agriculture, rural electrification and industrial projects to support National Development.

In order to the upgrading of Bank employee’s working capacity, the Bank has given training courses for professionals on financial services to the bank staff at Head Office and our staff also attended competency trainings and workshops organized by the Central Bank of Myanmar. To Provide good banking services to customers’ satisfaction and convenience, GTB Bank has also expended domestic banking network to as many as 130 Branches including 121 full branch banks and 9 minibranch banks compared to the four original branches including Head office in january 1999.

GTB BankBank appointed U Hla Tun and Associates Limited as its external registered auditor of the bank for 2016-2017 financial year. The Bank established its presence as A Public Bank, the Board of Directors drew up an annual report at the every end of the financial year in line with the Bank’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Auditor’s Report for this financial year of 2016-2017, was included in the annual report to the general meeting.